Sanitation and cleanliness is of utmost importance to us. Not only are all of our certified nail technicians passionate about meeting your hygiene needs, but our heavenly chairs and all tools are sterilized with the utmost care according to the stringent standards of the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. Every tool is sterilized with powerful disinfectant by registered EPA germicides and disinfectants. Each tool is then carefully inspected and sealed in one-time-use pouches, which are not touched until your personalized service with us. Our filtration system ensures that fresh clean water flows into your basin with no possibility of backflow of old water. Our nail artists always wash hands and sterilize before starting your service and gloves (including latex-free) will always be used at your request. Your beauty in conjunction with your health will always come first at Sunset City Nails.

Disclaimer: Please inform your nail artist and/or beauty technicians of any ongoing medical conditions that might affect your service, including but not limited to fungus, athletea��s foot, nail bed infections, and other afflictions you believe may affect the high quality of your service. For your safety, and solely for your safety, we recommend booking an appointment after being released from medical care. We look forward to your presence.

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